In my humanities class, a student is responsible for doing a short current events presentation each week. This morning, one of my students did an excellent presentation on the severe drought that is happening right now in Cape Town, South Africa. I was not previously aware of this situation in South Africa, but I was pleased that my student chose to talk about it because we started a unit on Apartheid earlier this week.

Apparently, the drought is so bad that the government may actually shut off all the water in Cape Town on April 9th if things do not improve. Cape Town is a city of 3.8 million and also the home of quite a bit of tourism, so it consumes large amounts of water each day. According to my student, the city’s reservoirs are now at 27.5% capacity. Evidently due to climate change, it has basically stopped raining in this part of South Africa. The drought started in 2015 and shows no sign of ending any time soon.

If the city of Cape Town shuts off its water, what will happen? Where will all of the people who live there go?  How will that affect the rest of South Africa and neighboring countries?

Moreover, If climate change continues, how long until something like this happens in America?


6 thoughts on “Cape Town

  1. Wow Geoff… we need to connect our classes. Just yesterday my fourth grade rla had a discussion about this as well as the drought in Tanzania and East Africa. We watched the Waterboys video that alum Chris Long put together about his charitable organization. Michele and I are working on some ideas with the kids… want to join in?


  2. Scary – I have not been following this – thanks for sharing this information. Something to watch and think about as climate change is slowing affecting our country as well.


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